Top 3 Hottest SEO Techniques for Bloggers/Entrepreneurs

Blogging and Search engine optimization combines will generate more successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. When you are tried to generate revenue from online, blogging is the right choice to do so. Updating great content in blogs doesn’t generate any traffic or visitors to your site. So you need to add some promotion to your blog or brand.

Beginner’s SEO Tips

Here the list of few SEO techniques for bloggers

Internal Link Building

Internal link building is referred as linking your blog old content to new content in vise versa. It can be done in both ways like linking new content with old content or linking old content to new content.

When linking new content to old content, you need to find most relevant articles that are published on your blog and link to it. When the new post value goes up your old post value also goes into top.

At the same time you can also go for old content to new content linking. Probably you have some best older articles in your blog; you can link with these older articles with of new articles. While Google re indexing your old page, your new post will also get some rank boost in search engines.

If you are new Entrepreneurs or blogger then you can find lot of Beginner’s SEO Tips and Guides online.

Use Tools to help in SEO

Make use of tools that helps to optimize and promote your blogs. Here some list of regular basis tools for your help.

SEMRush: It clearly shows the number of keywords that used to rank, you can use this for keyword researching.

Yost SEO Plugin: If you using wordpress then this plugin will be very useful to optimize your content according to Google.

Ahrefs: It is mostly used to analyze link profile of your site and your competitor sites.

Consider Related Keywords

When at the time of writing blog post you should try to optimize it according to your keywords. This will greatly works when you get regular traffic for those keywords. But actually you can get more traffic from keywords that already ranked for.

So it is very important to consider related keywords in your post, and targets them to get more traffic or visits to those keywords.